Imagine if I could show you... a picture of your dream deck before it is built. Not a drawing or sketch - a full-color, 3-dimensional image that you can look at from any angle. I can do that with the revolutionary software called DeckTools® in the comfort of your home! I can show you the decking & railing system of your choice & how the stairs will look as they enter your yard. You can change any of the design characteristics with the click of the mouse. Don’t like the look of Cedar Decking? Want to see what Ipê (ee pay) would look like? CLICK, there you go. What about a composite? CLICK, there you go. I wonder what glass railing would look like?  CLICK, there you can see it. Wonder where the grill would fit the best? CLICK, there it is. We can make your dream deck a reality! Quality Work - Fair Price © Rehabber Extraordinaire 2011 Licensed Bonded & Insured  Lic # REHABE*973DS I have a service that will provide you with an 8 point deck safety inspection FREE! 425-397-8555