Kim S Daughtry  I am a 25 year Navy Veteran, retired in 1999. I moved back home to Lake Stevens with my wife Debbie in 2000 and started my business in 2002. Debbie suggested that after following me around for 25 years we might want to go home. Who am I to argue? I am very active in the community.  First, I am now a City Councilman for Lake Stevens and second, I am very active with the Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce as well as several other community organizations on an ad hoc basis. I enjoy doing many things.  We installed a pond in our back yard about three years ago and enjoy tinkering with it and watching the 80 or so fish that live there.  I enjoy woodworking when I get the chance and furniture making in particular. I also enjoy improving peoples lives where they live. I like to take a client’s vision, help them improve on that vision, and then make that vision a reality. My pleasure is derived from completing a project and seeing that those who trusted me with their home are happy with the outcome. While I am working on your project, I will treat your home as if it were my own. Quality Work - Fair Price © Rehabber Extraordinaire 2011 Licensed Bonded & Insured  Lic # REHABE*973DS 425-397-8555